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Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, Family Gathering, and more

We have reached the holiday season, which can be thrilling, but can also bring a time of year that is extremely stressful and anxiety-provoking.  So how can you be present and stay in the moment?  Here are a few tips! 

  1. If you have a treatment team (therapist, dietitian, counselor, etc.) discuss your anxiety, fears, and worries ahead of time in session to develop a plan.  To add to this first tip, develop and utilize your support system (sister, brother, mother, spouse, etc.).  Sharing what support you need and having someone in your corner can help ease some of your feelings and can provide you with a “safe” place. 

  2. Create boundaries and stick to them.  You find this tip second because setting boundaries ahead of the event after discussing your plan can provide you with structure and help you create a supportive environment to support you and your journey. 

  3. Brainstorm coping strategies and skills.  There will likely be many situations that you are not in your control, but having these strategies and skills can help you stay grounded.  

  4. Shift your focus and stay present.  Remember why the holidays are important to you.  This can be supported further by your treatment team as they can help you with journaling or reflection prompts.  Setting a goal outside of food supports this tip to provide you with an enjoyable holiday season.  

  5. Self-care!  You hear this tip all the time.  Self-care is vital to our mental health.  Think about what will make you feel grounded and present in your life.  Self-care can look different for everyone, but no matter what self-care you practice, remember that self-care is about being compassionate to yourself.  

Now to wrap it all up!  We asked our team what their favorite Thanksgiving food to bring to the holiday is so here we go… 

  1. Alison H. - Stuffing! 

  2. Helena E.- Anything with sweet potatoes

  3. Hayley M. - Garlic parmesan mashed potatoes or apple pie

  4. Emily H. - Chocolate cake or spice cake

  5. Kate B. - Pumpkin pie

  6. Lindsey M.- Mashed Potatoes

If you have any questions or concerns, please give our office a call at 571-310-6029 or email us directly at

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