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Exploring Movement this New Year

Movement is such a wonderful part of being human! However, before we get into ways to explore more movement, take a moment and think about what movement means to you at this point in your life? 

  1. When you think about movement, do any intense emotions or feelings shine through? 

  2. Do you think of a specific memory you have with movement? 

  3. Is there fear present? 

  4. Do you have a treatment team or support system you can rely on as you make you add this new relationship to your life? 

All of these reflective questions are important to answer honestly so that you can be as intuitive with your relationship with movement as you are with your relationship with food. 

Now let’s explore! 

Movement is a beautiful ability we have and, when introduced supportively, can be a great way to build greater intuition with your own body. A lot of the noise we commonly hear day-in and day-out consists of ways to ‘push harder’ or even normalize pain as in ‘no-pain-no gain’. However, similarly to nutrition, this negative noise reinforces the lack of trust we should have with our body. Movement doesn’t have to go against what the body is feeling, and in fact, when we push past our breaking point is where disordered movement comes into play. So the big question is, where do I start?  

  • Check-in, before adding any kind of movement, identify how to check-in with yourself throughout this journey to ensure that you are creating space to be open and honest with yourself. For example, take this moment now and think of three questions you can ask yourself before you begin movement to explore whether or not movement is the most supportive thing for your here and now self. An example question can be “ what are my intentions for this movement” or “ how am I feeling in my body right  now”

  • Play around! There are so many types of movements our bodies can experience, and if one movement doesn’t work, try one of the million others! Movement stems way past the gym or studio. For example, when was the last time you cleaned the house?Did you notice exhaustion from walking, scrubbing, and organizing? That is movement, not sure if that movement is fun, but I am hoping you get the point!  Movement can be blasting your favorite tunes and dancing it out until you feel content or gardening until you feel happy with your yard, and much much more. Write down 5 forms of movement you have participated in, then identify which brought you happiness. If none did, try again, build another 5 forms of movement- think outside the box. 

  • No more structure. Give yourself permission right now to let go of ‘structured’ movement. Structured movement often enables blinders and constriction to form around an activity, which, you guessed it, decreases our ability to build intuition. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with setting daily goals.Goals have the potential to display growth, but don’t forget that goals are temporary. Once a goal is met, then what? The takeaway from reaching a goal is to take note of how you have built your system to reach that goal. That ‘system’ makes a goal attainable day-in and day-out. 

Try these helpful tips out this New year and change the intentions around your New Year's Resolutions! 

If you or a loved one is struggling with an eating disorder and needs support please reach out to one of our staff members at

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