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Who We Are


Enlighten Nutrition, Counseling and Care was built by a group of credentialed providers who grew tired of diet culture, poor access to factual nutrition information, and the pressures placed on body image. We have teamed up to build a safe and body positive environment for all individuals struggling with all types of disordered eating. We want our community to feel welcomed and heard. Each provider at Enlighten brings their own set of skills and specialties to help each client understand that asking for help is okay. It’s important to know that food freedom is possible, and the providers at Enlighten want to help you find your path towards recovery.


Our outpatient practice aims to help better educate and serve everyone through evidence-based practice while supporting the Health at Every Size® (HAES) movement. Our providers participate in continued education to ensure that their care aligns with the Intuitive Eating principles and "All Foods Fit" modalities of eating disorder recovery.

Each of Enlighten's Founders have a unique set of skills that help mold our principles of care. Through their experience and education, they have created the five principles of care which each highlight a crucial part of the recovery process.

Hanging Herbs


Individualized Care

Individualized care is critical, as each client enters our practice at a different stage in their recovery. Our providers help to meet each client where they're at on their journey. We want our clients to feel heard and safe throughout their recovery with Enlighten, therefore we make it a priority to individualize our care to each client. 

Body Inclusivity

Our providers are trained and educated on the importance of helping clients reach neutrality and appreciation for their body at any stage of recovery. We help educate, guide, and empower our clients to find the freedom to accept their body at all stages. We support Health at Every Size® and are an all-inclusive practice. 

Honoring Nutrition Needs

Our providers use evidence-based practices to determine our clients personalized nutrition needs as we support them through their recovery. Our top priority is the health and wellbeing of our clients, therefore adequate nourishment is critical. Our recommendations are thoughtful and are monitored and evaluated at each session to ensure continued progression. 

Mental Health Counseling

Enlighten follows a multi-disciplinary approach to eating disorder recovery and works with various other outpatient providers. In addition to nutrition counseling, we recommend clients participate in mental health counseling to further their recovery and better support challenges such as anxiety and body-image. 

Joyful Movement

The final piece of feeling empowered in one's body is being able to participate in joyful movement. Building a supportive relationship with movement is just as important as building a supportive relationship with food. We help our clients to feel empowered and confident when they are ready to start integrating movement into their recovery.  

  Please call or email our office today to speak to a team member and take the first step towards food freedom. 






The Enlighten Five Principles of Care

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