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Enlighten Nutrition, Counseling and Care is not currently accepting insurance; therefore, it is considered an out-of-network practice. This means that your insurance company cannot place predetermined limits on the service you receive. 


Enlighten Nutrition, Counseling and Care can provide each client a "Superbill" once a month after their services with one of our providers. A Superbill is an insurance-friendly receipt that allows you to get direct reimbursement by your insurance company if applicable to your plan. We recommend our clients call their insurance provider for further information on their current out-of-network benefits. Please see below to obtain further guidance on how to submit a Superbill. 



How to submit a Superbill to insurance? 

Each insurance company has unique policies. Therefore, it’s best to call your individual insurance company to obtain your plan benefits. The call to insurance will take 10-20 minutes to verify benefits and submit a Superbill. This time is well spent on the front-end to confirm benefits and expectations of submitting a Superbill to your insurance.

On the back of your healthcare insurance card, call the phone number for “Members” or “Members Services” with your insurance card in hand and the ability to take notes.

To make sure your submission will be accepted:

  1. Verify out-of-network benefits

  2. Verify how to submit a Superbill

  3. Confirm your home address with your healthcare insurance (especially if a check will be issued)

​Finally ask, “I have a Superbill, how do I submit it?” Each healthcare company has various ways to submit a Superbill. Most will have one of the below options or all three:

  1. Fax

  2. Mail

  3. Direct Insurance Portal


Sliding Scale 

Enlighten can work with you to determine an appropriate fee that would be supportive of you and your families financial situation. We offer a sliding scale application to determine an agreed upon consultation fee to ensure you are given the support you deserve. 

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